• 8 and 11 January - Auditions for A Sense of Achievement
  • 17 February - Members Evening - A Talk by Ian Gledwell : Art and Illusion
  • 26 February - AGM
  • 13 May - Set Build for Spring Production
  • 24 25 26 May - A Sense of Achievement by Jean Trew
  • 19 August - Members Evening - Women and Children by Geoff Adams
  • 22 23 24 November - Our Autumn Production - TBA
  • December - Do Your Own Thing organised by Hermin


BLUE: Production

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stage setting

Set building is so much fun


Our next full production

A Sense of Achievement written and directed by Jean Trew

rickety hall

Durlington Village Hall is in urgent need of roof repairs and a fundraising committee is formed, headed by an enthusiastic Major Wallace. However, the brainstorming session doesn't go well, with interruptions, disagreements and personality clashes - it's not the team effort the Major had anticipated. Matters aren't helped by the secretary's elderly mother, Mrs Featherstone, unexpectedly joining the meeting, but somehow they manage to agree a plan of action and set about achieving their target. But can they beat the fast-approaching deadline for lottery funding? Will two Yorkshire Terriers, the chaps at the Rotary Club and the Avon lady help or hinder their efforts? And did the acerbic Mrs Featherstone really have a contribution to make or was she just getting confused again? All will be revealed at the follow-up meeting.

This is a very light comedy with shades of The Vicar of Dibley. There are strong characters, a twist or two in the plot and plenty of amusing dialogue. It should be great fun to rehearse and perform. There are eight parts (4 female/3 male/1 either) with a flexible age range from 20 to 95!

A whole range of support crew are required, from technical to tea-making - we can always do with an extra pair of hands. So do please come along to the auditions if you'd like to get involved in any way. Or for more information please contact Jean on 01798 874952 or John Rimmer on 01903 744832.

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