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Tickets are now on general on sale online at the booking link above, and from our box offices at the West Chiltington Post Office and The Nisa Store.


Set Building

The set-build day for our May play is coming up on 5 May. There's always plenty to do, so if you can help, please let us know.


The Curtains are closed, the house lights dim, the audience waits. All at once there is music, the curtains open and the play begins. Ever wondered how WCDS co-ordinate their onstage activities with the technical team? When the technical bods were hidden in the loft we used to use walkie-talkies. Now they're at the rear of the hall they have to keep quiet, so no more 'Ready for Cue 4' chats over the microphone. Chris Hayne from our technical team has now built us a fantastic (and silent) cue light system to connect backstage to the technical team. Thanks, Chris.

Cue Lights


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5 May - Set Build for May Play